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ABB Value Provider


ABB Value Provider


AnyDrive365 partnership with ABB. Delivering the highest standard of Drive Care

ABB ValueProvider Program

Central Group and AnyDrive365 are official and founding members of ABB’s exclusive channel program, the ABB Value Provider Program launched in January 2014.

Being accredited as part of the AVP Program demonstrates that we are fully trained, regularly audited and officially authorised to represent specific ABB products and services. Our in-depth knowledge of local markets and expertise in selected products and services, ensure speed, efficiency and consistency across our whole range of activities.

Trained and Authorised by ABB

As ABB Authorised Value Providers, we are fully trained in products, tools, databases, processes and service. We are audited to confirm that our company facilities and tools fulfil the specified criteria. The authorisation program ensures that ABB Authorised Value Providers provide high quality and globally consistent customer support and services.
ABB AVP’s are authorised for specific ABB products and services. The offering is built from four individual elements: sales, support, service and engineering.

ABB Authorised Offering

Our workshops are installed with the latest diagnostic equipment and our warehouse stocks a full range of replacement options to find the most energy efficient solution.
AnyDrive365 mobile on-site repair service brings our expertise to the location you need. Our round the clock service response line ensures your request is quickly attended to and carried out by ABB-certified service professionals, who use the latest technology to establish the root cause of the problem. We then take corrective action , replacing failed components with genuine ABB OEM replacement parts.


ABB Variable Speed Drives

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ABB ACS355. The compact choice for machine builders

If you are a system integrator, original equipment manufacturer or panel builder, the ACS355 is our top tier micro drive.

It is focused on material handling, food and beverage applications, processing of rubber, plastic and wood. You have a cost effective, versatile drive offering the best connectivity in its class. Installation and commissioning is simple and easy, saving you labour time.


  • 0.37 to 22 kW/0.5 to 30hp.
  • Optimised design for cabinet installations saves space and installation time.
  • Wide range of fieldbus adapters available offer flexible connectivity.
  • Vector control capable of running both asynchronous motors and permanent magnet motors.
  • Simple and visual sequence programming to make independent and repeatable operation sequences.
  • Pre-defined application macros for quick basic setup.
  • Unified height and depth of the IP20 product family simplifies wiring in cabinet installations.


ABB ACS355 Drives Product Image

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ABB ACS550. Ideal for variable and constant torque applications

When you need simplicity and intelligence in one self-contained solution the ACS550 covers a wide range of options. Ideal for variable and constant torque applications from pumps and fans to conveyors and mixers as well as many other variable and constant torque applications. Enjoy plug and play convenience right from the start. No customising or special product engineering required. Monitor your savings easily with the built-in counters, which display energy savings in kilowatt hours, carbon dioxide emissions or local currencies.


  • 0.75 to 355 kW/1 to 500 Hp.
  • Vector control.
  • Built-in EMC filter and Modbus fieldbus interface.
  • Swinging choke for superior harmonic reduction.
  • Coated boards for harsh environments.


ABB ACS550 Drive Product Image

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ACS580 wall-mounted variable speed drive

ACS580 general purpose drives simplify your processes and motor control with effortless process automation. The ACS580 is a good choice for a wide range of applications, making it easy to comprehensively manage your plant.

The ACS580 is an all-compatible ABB general purpose drive, offered in a range of wall-mounted drives, drive modules and cabinet-built drives. It turns complicated to simple and controls processes productively and efficiently.



  • Improved internal options including external 24 V support.
  • Integral EMC filter for 1st and 2nd environment as standard.
  • Assistant control panel with improved primary settings menu and backups-smartphone use-ability.
  • Wide power range in wall-mounted IP21 and IP55 variants (IP21 in stock, IP55 available in one week).
  • Extended power range up to 500 kW.
  • Patented permanent magnet swinging choke for superior harmonic reduction, even at reduced motor loads.
  • Safe torque-off (STO) as standard, SIL 3 Pl e.
  • Flexible fieldbus system with built-in Modbus and numerous internally mountable fieldbus adapters.
  • SynRM, permanent magnet (PM) and induction motor (IM) control with improved motor platform.


ABB ACS580 Drives Product Image

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 The ACS880 is designed for more intensive industrial applications

The ACS880 is an all-compatible ABB industrial drive, offered in a range of wall-mounted drives, drive modules and cabinet-built drives

An industrial drive is equipped with built-in features that simplify ordering and delivery, and reduce commissioning costs, since everything is provided in a single, compact and ready-to-use package.

ABB’s all-compatible drives are designed to provide customers across industries and applications with unprecedented levels of compatibility and flexibility. Our ACS880 single drives are standalone drives.

They are customised to meet the particular needs of specific industries, such as oil and gas, mining, metals, chemicals, cement, power plants, material handling, pulp and paper, sawmills, marine, water and wastewater, food and beverage, and automotive.

They can control a wide range of applications, including cranes, extruders, winches, winders, conveyors, mixers, compressors, centrifuges, test benches, elevators, extruders, pumps and fans.

ABB ACS880 Drives Product Shot

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Oil & Gas

The engineers at Central Group understand the critical importance of maintaining a regular maintenance schedule for assets in the oil and gas sector. A proactive approach to preventive maintenance is paramount as it helps identify and address potential issues before they disrupt operations, reducing unexpected breakdowns and downtime. This ensures the safety of our workforce and facilities, as well as compliance with regulatory guidelines. By optimising equipment performance through regular maintenance, we minimise production losses and extend the operational life of assets, resulting in cost savings and increased profitability. Our commitment to a well-executed maintenance schedule underlines our dedication to maximising operational efficiency.


In the utilities industry, maintenance is of utmost importance when providing essential services to the public. Utilities such as electricity, water, gas, and telecommunications are vital for daily life, businesses, and public safety. Any breakdown in these services can have far-reaching consequences.

Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure the reliable and uninterrupted supply of these essential services. It helps identify and address potential issues before they escalate into major problems, minimising the risk of unexpected outages. Proper maintenance also extends the lifespan of infrastructure and equipment, reducing the need for costly replacements and ensuring long-term sustainability.

Breakdowns in the utilities industry can lead to significant disruptions, affecting homes, businesses, healthcare facilities, transportation, and emergency services. Such events can have severe economic, social, and public health implications. Therefore, a proactive approach to maintenance is essential to guarantee the consistent delivery of critical services and to safeguard the well-being and quality of life for the public.

Power Generation

Power Generation is a highly complex process that relies on the seamless integration of numerous moving components. Ensuring proper maintenance is paramount, especially when supplying essential services to the public. Breakdowns in power generation can lead to widespread disruptions, affecting daily life, productivity, and critical infrastructure.

Regular maintenance is critical to guarantee the reliable and continuous supply of electricity to homes, businesses, hospitals, schools, and other essential services. It helps identify and rectify potential issues before they escalate into major failures, reducing the risk of unexpected power outages.

A well-executed maintenance program is necessary to optimise the performance and efficiency of power generation facilities, prolonging their lifespan and minimising the need for costly replacements. It plays a crucial role in upholding the stability, reliability, and resilience of power supply, ensuring the continuous functioning of society, and protecting the well-being of the public.


Transportation is a crucial aspect of the global economy, facilitating the supply of goods and services across local and international markets. Efficiently maintaining transportation systems is essential to fulfil their promise to customers.

Train services are relied upon for passenger transportation and cargo delivery, and proper maintenance ensures safe and timely operations. Goods delivery services, whether by road, air, or sea, must be well-maintained to ensure on-time delivery and customer satisfaction. Maritime transportation, vital for international trade, necessitates rigorous maintenance of vessels and ports to ensure smooth operations and compliance with safety and environmental standards.

Breakdowns or disruptions in transportation can lead to delays, supply chain interruptions, and economic losses. Regular maintenance is critical for maximising the longevity and performance of transportation infrastructure, minimising operational risks, and upholding customer trust and confidence. By prioritising maintenance, the transportation industry continues to play its pivotal role in driving economic growth and meeting the needs of businesses and consumers worldwide.

Health Care

Regular maintenance of backup generators in the health sector is of utmost importance as it ensures the safety of patients and workers alike. These generators serve as a critical lifeline during power outages, providing essential electricity for medical equipment and facilities. By adhering to a consistent maintenance schedule, potential issues can be identified and addressed promptly, reducing the risk of unexpected breakdowns during emergencies. This proactive approach guarantees that backup generators operate safely and efficiently, minimizing any disruption to patient care and hospital operations. Ultimately, regular maintenance of these vital systems enhances the overall safety and reliability of healthcare facilities, safeguarding both patients’ well-being and the welfare of healthcare workers.



Regular upkeep of facilities, equipment, and amenities within hotels, restaurants, theme parks, nightclubs, and theatres is essential to provide a superior customer experience. Scheduled inspections, preventive maintenance, and prompt repairs will enhance the safety, and comfort of the premises.

By prioritising maintenance, businesses can provide a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable experience for their customers, enhancing overall satisfaction and loyalty. This strategic upkeep not only minimises disruptions but also extends the lifespan of assets, optimising long-term efficiency and fostering positive customer relationships.



In the manufacturing sector, motors, compressors, generators, and pumps serve as the vital driving force behind operations. The reliability of these assets is paramount to minimise production losses and protect essential resources. Unexpected breakdowns can lead to costly downtimes and disruptions in the manufacturing process, impacting productivity and profitability. By ensuring the robustness and dependability of these components can proactively address potential issues and reduce the risk of failures. This proactive approach not only minimises production losses but also safeguards critical assets, optimising their lifespan and overall efficiency.



Central Group has established a reputable track record of maintenance in the renewable energy sector, particularly in wind farms and hydroelectric facilities. With a commitment to sustainability and efficiency, Central employs specialised teams equipped with the latest technologies to ensure optimal performance and reliability of renewable energy assets.

In wind farms, Central conducts regular inspections and maintenance on turbines, ensuring their efficient operation and longevity. Similarly, in hydroelectric plants, Central’s skilled technicians oversee the upkeep of turbines, generators, and infrastructure, optimising energy output and contributing to a stable power supply.

Central’s proven expertise plays a crucial role in promoting a greener future, harnessing the potential of wind and hydroelectric power for sustainable energy generation.


Preventative and proactive maintenance schedules are crucial in the automotive industry. By conducting regular maintenance checks, potential issues can be detected early, reducing the risk of unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs.

Adhering to maintenance schedules helps automotive businesses meet regulatory standards and maintain manufacturer warranties, providing added peace of mind for customers.

Proactive maintenance builds trust with customers, positively impacting the industry’s reputation. It also leads to cost savings in the long run by mitigating potential issues before they escalate.

In conclusion, preventative and proactive maintenance schedules play a crucial role in the automotive industry, promoting safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction while ensuring long-term sustainability and profitability.


In the expansive generator rental market, the demand for short-term hiring is prevalent, particularly for construction sites and open-air events. However, these brief rentals place substantial strain on generators due to constant usage. Recognising this challenge, Central has developed robust maintenance schedules aimed at guaranteeing that generator hire companies consistently possess a dependable fleet of generators available for their clients.

We at Central provide maintenance plans for regular inspections, preventive servicing, and prompt repairs, enhancing the performance and longevity of the generators. By conducting thorough assessments and addressing potential issues proactively, Central can greatly minimise the risk of unexpected breakdowns during critical rental periods. This approach not only maximises uptime for clients but also enhances trust and satisfaction in the services provided by generator hire companies.

With Central’s dedication to maintaining a dependable fleet, generator hire companies can confidently meet the dynamic needs of their customers, whether at construction sites or outdoor events, ensuring uninterrupted power supply and successful operations.



Maintenance of machinery in the chemical sector is a vital ingredient to ensure safety and compliance with regulatory authorities. Chemical plants handle hazardous materials and operate complex machinery, making maintenance essential to prevent accidents, protect personnel, and mitigate environmental risks. Regular maintenance helps identify and address potential hazards, reducing the likelihood of equipment failures and ensuring safe operations. Compliance with strict regulatory requirements is crucial in the chemical industry, and well-maintained machinery plays a significant role in meeting these standards. By adhering to scheduled maintenance, chemical companies can minimise downtime, optimise process efficiency, and demonstrate their commitment to safety and environmental responsibility. Prioritising maintenance ensures a secure work environment, protects surrounding communities, and reinforces the industry’s reputation as a responsible and compliant sector.

Docks & Marine

Having well-maintained machinery in marine industries is vital due to the remote locations of many marine sites. Access to these areas can be challenging, making breakdowns and repairs even more complicated. Regular maintenance is essential to prevent unexpected failures, ensuring smooth operations and avoiding costly downtime. Additionally, maintaining an inventory of readily available spare parts is crucial. It allows for quick and efficient repairs, minimising disruptions and enhancing operational reliability. With spare parts on hand, marine industries can swiftly address issues that arise in remote locations, reducing the risk of prolonged equipment outages and associated economic losses. Well-maintained machinery and accessible spare parts contribute to the overall efficiency, safety, and success of marine operations in these challenging and remote environments.